[SunRescue] SPARC 5 RAM

Mark Price rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 1 15:53:57 CDT 2001

supersellers.net lists 32MB DIMM's for Sparc 4/5s for $17.
I ordered 2 of them on Monday but I haven't heard ANYTHING
back from them so far.  They don't answer their phone or emails


Paul Khoury wrote:

> Hello all, does anyone know a cheap source for SPARC 5 memory?
> I have one SS5 with no RAM, and another on it's way with 64MB.
> Both are upgrades for SS2's with 64MB each, and I'd both to have at
> least 64MB, but 128MB or more is better.  If anyone wants, I have 256MB of RAM
> for a ThinkPad if anyone wants to trade (2 128MB DIMMS).
> Paul
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