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Fri Jun 1 15:25:12 CDT 2001

I had left the job in October of 98 and then the decomm'd it in Feb of 99.
The guy who did it didn't think I'd want it, so it got sent to General
Services.  It's scrap by now. :(  There was also an old Sun 3/60 that I
never got my hands on and another DEC 3K used as an edge router(I think)
since it had some type of T1 card in it. :(  I miss government
waste. ;)

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On Fri, 1 Jun 2001, Dave McGuire wrote:

> On June 1, ed at the7thbeer.com wrote:
> > Hehehehe, I kept wishing that would be the case. >:)
> > 
> > I last toured that computer facility in '98 - my boss was(and still is,
> > amazingly) the CIO for that government agency.  A very competent man who
> > made sure resources actually were used properly.  Like the time he let me
> > resurrect an old DEC 3K (AXP? w/ 96MB RAM) for
> > http://plates.ca.gov...eventhough I so badly wanted to take it home and
> > love it. ;)  Oh well...we eventually moved the function to a U2, but the
> > DEC box did admirably until late 98....*sigh*
>   Oh man...did you get to take that one home when it was
> decommissioned?  I really like those DEC3000 machines.  They're built
> like tanks.
>         -Dave McGuire
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