[SunRescue] Installation of Solaris 8 on ultra5 hangs on reboot

Jenny Fox rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 1 13:34:26 CDT 2001

Hi there.

Boy oh boy I hope you can help me.  We just completed an install of
Solaris 8 on an ultra 5, installing the developer's package, and
everything seems to be fine until the install tries to reboot.  At that
point it hangs just after the Copyright line.  We have installed this
twice with exactly the same result.  At first I thought it couldn't find
the boot sector on the disk, but on the second installation we verified
that the correct disk was marked as the bootdisk.  This machine was
running fine under Solaris 7 - do you have any ideas why this could be
happening?  Thanks,


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