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Fri Jun 1 11:47:53 CDT 2001

I'm just anxiously waiting for the California Dept. of Water Resources to
retire their DG gear.  It's amazing what they still use in a production
environment.  They've got another box, whose brand/name escapes me with a
whopping 4MB of RAM....and they still use it...

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On Fri, 1 Jun 2001, James Fogg wrote:

> > Last, what is the aviion?
> > 
> Data General Aviion (first of the wave of new unix machines to be made by
> somebody other than sun/hp/ibm/sgi, first non aos/vs machine for DG. Even
> Digital got on the unix bandwagon after that.
> This question brings a tear to me eyes. I grew up with DG (my brother (God
> rest his soul) wrote their O/S's for them). I miss them. I guess if people
> on a rescue list have to ask what the Aviion is, then DG must really be gone.
> btw.. I finally have the room and power for some DG hardware. I would love a
> Nova, Eclipse or even an MV. An Aviion would be cool too, but that boxen
> signalled the death of an era. If anyone finds themselves scratching their heads
> and wondering *what the fug is this*, pass the boxen on to me, I'll give them a
> good home.
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