[SunRescue] GP and GB

Joshua D. Boyd rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 1 08:30:49 CDT 2001

I'm reading some of the Sun2 docs.  Specifically,
http://content.sunhelp.org/ads/2-160/2-160-graphics-1.jpg and

Where those two video processors every offered for the Sun3 line?  I don't
remeber ever seeing them mentioned before.

Is it just me, or did those cards look better than the ZX or GT Sun4
upgrades?  I mean, sure, the ZX and GT could do more polygons, and they
could do hardware lighting, but these Sun2 boards accelerated seem to not
interfere with normal 2D operation, and to ever accelerate some 2D
programs (like text scrolling).  

Also, what are these Pixrect and SunCore libs that they are talking about.
I've never heard of those before either?  Were they particularly

Joshua Boyd

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