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> mrbill at mrbill.net writes:
> =

> >I'd say the "worst" *nix I ever played with was Domain/OS on a =

> >Apollo DN4000 (before they were bought by HP). I picked up FOUR
> =

> Worst ever: Xenix
> Worst still being sold: SCO

In the '80s I worked for an SCO and Mark Williams (Coherent) reseller.  W=
switched to Coherent from VenturCom's Venix.  Porting stuff to Xenix was =
dream compared to fighting with Venix's compiler.  Oh, and "#" did not be=
gin a
comment line in the shell-- you could only use a ":".  That made working =
shell archives really special. (Remember shell archives?).  How I long fo=
r the
comforting warmth of a DEC Professional 350 machine running Venix.  Sure =
was expensive, but it made up for it by being quirky and slow.

Worst 'nix still being sold: I agree 100% -- SCO

Worst 'nix ever: it's gotta be Venix

But here's one for the just-plain-weird category- ConIX.  ConIX was a CP/=
command processor replacment that implemented a Unix v6-like (nope, not v=
v6 the AT&T "educational release") environment on your Kaypro or Xerox 82=
(and others).  You could do hierarchical directory trees as long as you d=
go too deep (it was mapped onto the CP/M "user number" concept.  I still =
the executables!  So here's the plan.  I run a CP/M emulator on my Linux =
and dust off the ConIX disks...

(Just then, the asylum attendents burst through the door, knocked the key=
from his hands and administered the tranquilizer...)


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