[SunRescue] new interesting hardware finds inside my 4d boxen

Brian Hechinger rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 1 00:57:19 CDT 2001

well, after seeing all the dust bunnies in the first one that i took apart to
remove the video from, i descided that i should take the second one apart and
clean it out a bit.  well, i was rather suprised to find what i did.  if you
have already looked at the pictures, there was a spot where it looked like 
another daughtercard would go.  the standoffs are there.  but no conectors.
i was confused.  till i saw this other one.  it has the third daughtercard
which really turns out to be two cards stacked up on top of each other. four
bif TI DSP chips mounted right on top.  interesting.

where does it all plug in you ask?  well, one of the chips on the mainboard
gets pulled and it plugs in there.  funky.

if anyone knows what all this crud does please let me know, this is cool as



ps: new pics on same page at bottom.

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