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> >I'd say the "worst" *nix I ever played with was Domain/OS on a 
> >Apollo DN4000 (before they were bought by HP).  I picked up FOUR
> Worst ever: Xenix
> Worst still being sold: SCO

Hmmm, well Domain/OS wasn't really unix, and was just barely unix-like,
so this is like comparing apples and oranges....

XENIX was, except for some minor things, very much a real AT&T UNIX.
(it kinda sucked badly on the Intel 286, but was better than nothing!)

SCO's current OpenServer is a kinda crappy mess of everything mushed
together though it is still a real AT&T UNIX underneath.  What really
messes it up though is that trusted computing junk that you can't get
rid of.

Of the real AT&T-based systems I think Interactive's 386/ix was the
worst I've ever used, even after the fabled 2.2 release (though that
fixed many problems)....

Of the not-quite-real unixes, I think AIX, particularly 3.x, 2.x, and
1.x (which were all out at about the same time but on different
platforms) were pretty bad.  The one that ran on the RT was the worst.

I never really used Doamin/OS, but of the non-real unix-alikes it was
pretty bad, though QNX was probably the worst (and is still pretty
weird!  ;-).

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