[rescue] More freebies in Michigan (PC based, mainly)

Chad Fernandez rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jul 19 00:32:44 CDT 2001

Hello Everyone,

I have more free stuff here in Michigan, plus some that I didn't get rid
of last time.  As of now, everything that I have promised people has
been shipped.  If I promised you something and you haven't been told a
shipping cost and that it is on its way, please email me.  I did have
one guy that I couldn't seem to get an email through to.

I am advertising these items as free, but I ask that you would reimburse
me for shipping.  Also please reply off list, as this will be going out
to 2 or 3 lists.  This stuff probably won't interest Rescue very much,
but I figured it couldn't hurt to send it anyway.  

-NEC IDE cd-rom model CDR-272 (4X, I think)

-generic serial mouse (9pin)

-paperwork for old Hercules Graphics Plus... looks brand new, has floppy
disk too. I bought what was supposed to be the Hercules card on Ebay,
turned out someone had simply stuck there old card in the Hercules box. 
Maybe someone with the card might want the manuals?

-Sled for Optical drive for IBM 3510 external case, brand new

-sound card/modem from Packard Bell computer.  I don't know how fast the
modem is, but I thought Linux or maybe even Win95 might detect the sound
card chip set.  Could be a real cheap way to add sound to your
computer.  I see Aztech and Crystal chips, if that means anything.

-Teac 1.2 meg floppy drive, model FD-55GFR, These drives are great if
you need to read and write to 360K floppies.  I haven't had too much
trouble doing that, and I have always attributed it to the quality of
the Teac drives I use.

-GraphiCard by Practical Peripherals for the Apple // series.  I think
it is some sort of parallel card.  no documentation or cables, just the

-3.5" 1.44meg floppy by Panasonic (white face, but whole thing could use
a cleaning)

-Astec PS/2 power supply, 150 watts, This is out of a Packard Bell, but
the only thing I have heard these referred to is PS/2 style.  I don't
know why, as I have never seen real PS/2 use a power supply like this. 
It has a remote power switch and 4 drive power leads.  Looks pretty
standard for a newer, but not ATX, clone box.

-white power cord

-2 IDE cables, 40 pin, one long, one short, pretty generic

-floppy cable, controller end is a header type connector as is the last
floppy connector.  The middle connector is the edge type.

-AC adapter for US Robotics Courier modem, output is 20 volts!

-external 3.5" drive for Apple //gs or I think Mac.  Model# A9M0106 
It's clean but a little beat up.

-Digital (Yes, as in DEC) "Full Video Elite"  16-bit ISA card for Mpeg
Playback practically new, in the original box has all software, manuals,
etc.  I bought this at a computer show when it was already "obsolete". 
I tried it out on my hoped up 386, but decided I didn't really want it. 
It tried about 3 times to sell it on Ebay, but nobody would bid.  Then
all of a sudden I saw a flood of them on Ebay going for next to nothing
if at all.  I'm just tired of it sitting around!  While using it I did
notice some interference in the video, I think the pass-through cable
may need shielding or something.

-black power cable

-baby AT 286 motherboard, has Harris 20mhz chip, uses 30-pin simms, have
4megs installed, 8 ISA slots, AMI bios, PC Chips chip set, will include
extra simms but am unsure of condition of extras.  Board has never been
installed, but I did test it before putting it on Ebay.  Didn't sell
obviously.  I thought about making a little system out of it to use as a
terminal for my MicroVax 3400, but decided I don't need another PC.

-IBM serial/parallel board from IBM AT, uses 16450N uart chip, 8-bit
ISA.  This isn't a cheap generic board.  It's real IBM hardware.

-some sort of IBM memory board, has serial and parallel ports, 16-bit
ISA, uses 30-pin simms.  I never got it to work, I don't know exactly
what kind of simms it uses either.  I stuck some simms from a PS/2 Model
60 in it.  It might need software too.  Real IBM not generic

-full height face plate for Seagate ST-225, I think

-5.25" DD floppies, almost new or new.  Not sure how many I'll let go,
maybe 20 to 25.

-springy contacts from the back of an Apple //e case, not sure exactly
which case... they changed it over the years.  It's 10.75 inches long,
if that helps.

-Microchannel MFM drive controller  FRU 6127874B, I think it's the older
one.  It's from a Model 60

-Microchannel Adaptec 1640, I think this one is fried, I couldn't get it
to work, but maybe you want the slot cover or bios chips?

-SMC Microchannel Arcnet card

-Arco Electronics Microchannel IDE card

-2 Suncom Microchannel game cards.  I bought these through Ebay, NIB. 
They don't seem to work with my Reply Corporation Planer, However.  They
don't use an ADF file either.

-Seagate Cabo ST3541A (CFS541A)  It's IDE, but some IDE controllers
won't see it... don't know why.  540megs

-2 Miniscribe Model 8425F RLL I believe.

-uSpeed Fast88, I guess this is an accelerator of some sort for an 8088
system.  I got it with a clone PC or XT system.  Plugs into MB in relay

-STB video card, MVP2X, dual head card, Tseng Labs chip sets, 16-bit ISA

-ISA IDE and I/O card, almost new, I bought it from Walmart for my first
CD-ROM (32x, to give you an idea of it's age).  It's in the box and has
the instructions, 16-bit ISA.

-3 Winchester drive controllers, RLL I think.  2 have floppy ports that
can't be disabled, one has no floppy port.  Neat cards, I have one in my
socket 7 system because I blew the MB floppy controller out :-)  16-bit
ISA, and I have an instruction sheet I can make copies of.

-Still have the TIPC (Texas Instruments Professional Computer)  No
monitor, keyboard, or OS.

-IBM PS/2 Model 9577, probably about 24megs of ram, 400meg HD, XGA2
card, both floppies, clean.

-Adaptec 2742W  EISA wide SCSI card, but has no slot cover.  I bought a
generic one, but it didn't have the hole in the correct spot.  I have
heard it isn't to hard to make one using a drill press and a file, with
a blank cover.

Please help me clean up my apartment :-)

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

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