[rescue] scripting news

Joshua D. Boyd rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Jul 10 13:46:11 CDT 2001

Does any one here ever read scripting news or DaveNet?  Apparently this
guy is supposed to be so smart.  I used to like his web dev software,
before he switched to a rediculusly priced subscription model.

Anyway, I got directed (with relationship to Ximian's Mono back to him
site again.). http://davenet.userland.com/2001/07/09/miguelDeIcaza
To quote a section:
	It makes total sense that Unix would be strongly associated with  
	open source, because source-level integration is the custom on
	platforms that have no easy higher-level way to bolt together
	functionality in different source code bases. 

Now, is just me or didn't unix invent high level integration of
functionality from different source code bases.  Isn't that what pipe are
about?  Isn't that what perl, awk, and sed are about?

The rest of the article is just more blowing smoke out of orifices that
aren't supposed to have smoke blown out of them.  Why do so many people
keep telling me to read that idiot.

Joshua Boyd

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