[SunRescue] Re: GCC code generation sucks....

David Cantrell rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Apr 30 04:10:19 CDT 2001

Dave McGuire <mcguire at neurotica.com> wrote:

>   GCC's performance on more modern processors, however, suffers due to
> the fact that the GCC development team seems to have "intel blinders"
> on...they don't seem to understand that there's more to the computing
> world than crappy Intel processors.  So GCC's performance on the
> Pentium-of-the-week is great, while on everything else it blows dog.

Would it not be more reasonable to attribute this to how easy it is for the
developers - who are, don't forget, working on this for free - to get hold
of the latest Intel boxes than other machines?

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