[SunRescue] RE: Support your local SS/5

James Fogg rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Apr 27 09:43:25 CDT 2001

Well, I love my SS5. I think of it as the developmental culmination of the
original Sparc series (I'm not sure it is, but the SS10 seems to be a different
breed). I have lots of "slow machines", early pentiums running Linux, HP9000,
Apple II, RS4 running Xenix, anything less than a $10K machine running
MSWindows, etc. The SS5 is my favorite (and quickest of the slow).

I don't do anything 3D, so what would be the quickest video board for the SS5?

On Fri, 27 Apr 2001, THOU SPAKE:
> An SS/5 w/64 Meg of RAM and a remote file system (is that /usr or /home user directory that is remote?) or two, is not a very robust machine, IMHO, esp. if you are running a current version of Solaris - 128 Meg is a much better place for Solaris 7/8...
> I have an SS/5-110 at home,and while it is no speed demon, it is a reasonable box for most uses. Of course, it has a nice, big, 4 Gig HD of recent vintage (local FS), as well as 184 Meg RAM (5x 32 Meg and 3x 8 Meg)...
> Remember also, like a PC, the limiting factor for many "common" user tasks may very well be the graphics card. Staroffice will feel slow if the screen updates slowly - the CPU will spend a lot of time waiting for the graphic system to catch up, for example...
> Ken
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