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Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Apr 25 15:03:41 CDT 2001

Ye-gods, 148 port hub? ;^)

The Linksys (and others) can only have one WAN IP Address, but you could certainly run four units on your network (only one as DHCP host, if needed), and distribute out your gateway address setting in an interesting and useful manner.

Of course, add in a few switches and stir until performance is acceptable... Remember, these will ultimately resolve down to one lan segment (to your ISP), you want to break them up ASAP into smaller "collision nets" (I think that is the right term)...


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But, to answer your ultimate question, the Linksys device can only have one
WAN IP address. Buy.com was selling Kingston 4 port Cable/DSL router for $80
yesterday (buy of the day), and I am starting to see several 4 port routers
at the $100 price-point...
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Yes I have a 148 port hub on the inside using 254 NAT addresses, they
convert to only one outbound address. My ISP has provided me with 4 IP's.

Has anyone gone into the interface beyond the basics?

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