[SunRescue] Re: Help! OT sections .. you have been warned

Les rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Apr 23 09:52:50 CDT 2001

I fail to understand why we are prone to take personally a comment
about computer operating systems.
Why does anyone feel compelled to DEFEND an O/S ?
Explain why you feel that one is better than another for a particular
function or purpose, but taking it personally makes NO sense.
Let bashers bash and agree with each other.  I find some of the
bashing interesting and amusing. I also learn some weaknesses
in products that I might not have found out until too late.
State your dissent in a constructive manner.
Every O/S is probably better at something than any other
but these software "entities" don't care that we bash or
not. (At least not yet).
Some people having a "BAD ATTITUDE"
about an O/S usually comes from experience with that
product. I have a bad attitude about anything that burns me.
I do think that most of the people on the list are supposed to
be professionals.
If the attack is personal, I'll bet the List Owners will deal with it
They have in the past.
If the attack is about a particular software chunk, BIG DEAL.
We are all going to use whatever we feel appropriate to use
in a given circumstance or environment.
I'll now stop preaching and shut up.

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> [OT] -- Well, I do mention a sun computer. : )
>     I'm getting pretty sick of all the Linux bashing around here.  It's my
> damn choice and you can all just shove it.  I am planning on trying out
> OpenBSD on a SS2 and maybe on my home PC (x86).  All this bad attitude is
> starting to turn me off of it though.
> [/OT]

Actually, you have some support. I like Linux myself.  It's a robust open
OS that happens to run quite well on older sparcs.  In fact it runs on a
of different platforms other than intel.  If you take a few minutes to to a
custom install it runs better on many platforms than their native OS.

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