[SunRescue] G3 upgrade for PowerMac 7300

Hatle, Steven J. rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Apr 16 12:58:23 CDT 2001

I've been running OSX on a Beige G3 233 with 128M of memory. Speedwise it's
"OK"- not great, but definitely usable.

Check macintouch.com or macfixit.com for the "update_prebinding" fix; it
made an approx 20% subjective difference in speed as far as I can tell.
Supposedly this is where the performance increase comes from installing the
devtools, but running it on it's own couldn't hurt.

I haven't tried the 10.0.1 update yet- we've had water in the basement here,
and so have been keeping electrical usage to a minimum!


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