[SunRescue] SS10 Memory - sale/trade

Mike Meredith rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Apr 14 05:44:52 CDT 2001

On Friday 13 April 2001 22:33, you wrote:
>   I second this recommendation.  Reliable, fast, an absolute pleasure

The only downside of an I2 is that it's a bit on the noisy side 
(although mine might be noisier than the earlier ones). The Indy *is* a 
lot quieter.

> to use.  I'm a Sun guy dating back to the Sun2 (that's SUN-2, not
> SPARCstation-2) days, and after trying out an I2, I'll NEVER put a
> Sun on my desktop again.

I wouldn't go quite that far myself, but Sun does seem to have spent a 
number of years producing machines that would be good desktop machines 
if SGI wasn't around. Their fondness for 8-bit framebuffers is a bit ...

>   The computer room is a whole different story...but never on my
> desktop.

As someone who does have SGI's in the computer room (sort of), I'd like 
to point out that they do quite well there although the options are a 
bit limited --- the Origin 200 for small workgroups, and the 
Origin[23]000 for big installations.

> On April 13, nick at snowman.net wrote:
> > I will once again recommend the I2.  I have seen quite nice configs
> > from resellers as low as 350$.  Replacement media sets eh?  Would
> > you have any ideas as to how <grin>?

I'm afraid that I've never needed one (the Varsity programme delivers 
large bundles of CD's to my desk from time to time).

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