[SunRescue] Question about a Mbus cpu module...

Joshua Snyder rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Apr 11 02:46:31 CDT 2001

I would like to know if I should be thinking about upgrading the cpu's on my
sparc 10.  But I am not sure if an upgrade would do me much good.  I
currently have a dual processor Hypersparc mbus card that runs at 66Mhz.
When I run "module-info" I get following...

Mbus  :  40 MHz
Sbus  :  20 MHz
CPU#0 :  66 MHz RT620 / RT625
CPU#1 :  66 MHz RT620 / RT625

I am pretty sure that each cpu also has 256K cache.  So would upgrading to a
pair of sm71's( or anything else ) make sense.  Or should I look for another
one of these Mbus card so I can make my Sparc 10 a Quad machine?


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