[SunRescue] Computer pics, also that 6-DDS2 tape changer

Dan Lane rescue at sunhelp.org
Tue Apr 10 15:07:38 CDT 2001

Robert Novak sent the following on Tue, 10 Apr 2001...

> I'll get some pics up after I replace my racks and so forth. I've got 18
> systems right now, and maybe I should get some pics of my out-of-town
> storage stuff too (lots of Apple and my Sun 2/120 are about an hour away
> still).

Am I the only person who doesn't have a rack in their home?

> So I'm looking at
> http://www.logicbomb.net/newhouse/DansRoom/dans-computers-2nd-shelve.jpg
> and I see this tape changer in the middle that reminds me, hey, I have one
> of those! It apparently does two sides of 3 tapes each, 4mm DDS2 I
> think. Anybody recognize it or know where I can find the carrier for
> the tapes? It might be easier for me to use than the Python changer with
> the big 10-tape cartridge that has to stick out of the box! Or
> alternately, anyone want to buy one of those? :)

If your talking about the Sun one, I have NO idea what it is (apart from
the obvious) but it sure does have a cool orange LED display that reads
SCANNING when I switch it on, it came with the U1... I don't really have a
use for it.

Dan - having fun with ACARD SCSIDE bridges!

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