[SunRescue] sources of RAM for SS/10

P.A.Osborne rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Apr 9 03:32:36 CDT 2001

> (Wish I had a similar source of de-commisssioned hardware, AFAIK Princeton does not have any similar "offerings" - I live just outside of Princeton, NJ)

Its quite usefull - at least that what I tell the other half.

More usefully I seem to be the only person interested here in 
acquiring older Sun hardware.

The biggest problem is arranging to rellocate equipt somewhere where
it will be more usefull.

So I know of two decommissioned SS20s and another two that are
waiting to be taken out of service later this year.  But sorting
out the removal, paperwork etc takes time - mainly as its seen as 
a non essential amount of work - which also explains why we have
a machine room full of rubbish.     Its also taken me 18 months for
a load of dead (no really dead) equipt to get removed from the
corner of my office.

Ho hum.

As I get stuff coming up I will be prepared to make it available in
the UK just give me chance to sort out the paperwork,  sort out the
hardware and sort out my wedding.  (So if anyone knows of must see
places that are not in the guide book in Boston - US....)



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