[SunRescue] Looking for info on some UK companies

Chris Byrne rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Apr 5 11:32:05 CDT 2001


One of the companies in Ireland that I'm looking at as a job prospect is a
semi-startup being founded out of three UK companies, INSL, PXI net, and one
other who's name I can't recall at the moment, all of them partially owned
by a man named Brian McBride.

This is going to be a completely new and independant company, funded by the
other three companies to operate in the Irish market for high level security
and networking services.

If anyone has first hand experience with any of these companies, or knows
anything about them, I would appreciate the info.

Also I'm being considered for the CTO position, and I'm wondering what to
ask for salary wise. I was thinking  something in the 85k range, plus 5% of
the company.


Chris Byrne

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