[SunRescue] rescued 4700 tape changer

Mike Meredith rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Apr 4 04:34:10 CDT 2001


On Tuesday 03 April 2001 20:06, you wrote:
> I'm soon to rescue a Sun 4700 DLT autochanger.  Having never used
> one, I was wondering where I could find info on such a thing?  I'm
> particularly concerned about autochanger drivers and the like, but I
> hear that I can use juke to control it without too much trouble.
> Anyone know anything about them?

Assuming it's the box of tricks I think it is, then I know a bit about 
them. We've got two --- one run in "automatic" mode where the next tape 
is loaded when the previous one is ejected, and one run in "manual" 
mode where the tape loading is controlled by s/w on the host.

I'm using mtx to control it at the moment, which works much of the 
time. What's juke ? And where can I find it ?

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