[SunRescue] Nice little rescue at the swap today (alphastation -- OS suggestions?)

Eric Johnson rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Apr 2 08:23:26 CDT 2001

If I remember correctly, it has to be 60 ns (or better) true parity SIMMS.
The 'fake' parity does not work at all.

Whatever you do, don't run NT on it. Dog slow and unreliable.

I second the motion for Tru64.

When it comes to uses for the machine, don't bother cracking RC5. The
alphas don't have the right hardware (barrel-shifter I believe) to be
competitive with any kind of Intel x86.

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On Mon, 2 Apr 2001, [iso-8859-1] Bj=F6rn Ramqvist wrote:

> I don't know about memory on these machines, but I *think* it's ECC. It
> looks like standard 72-pin Parity SIMMs to me, but for some reason I
> couldn't get these to work in other machines. Probably strict timing
> issues, I don't know.
> Only downside with these is the fact that it has just two PCI-slots,
> while the Alphastation 255 and 500 has three. (And better looks)
> /Regards, Bjorn
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