[SunRescue] OT SGI run-time libraries

StouSandalskitangui at cell2000.net StouSandalskitangui at cell2000.net
Sat Sep 30 23:38:31 CDT 2000

I don't get why SGI doesn't just give away ISOs of old IRIX versions for old
hardware... or give out the damn OS alltogether... aren't they after
hardware money? Kinda lame... considering they are starting to become
another PC box manufacturer they probably need any money they can get just
to stay afloat...


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> Hello all,
> 	My lovely R5K Indy wants me to write some Java on it, but I am
> running Irix 6.2 and am therefore missing a library called
> compileres-eoe32 (or something much like it).
> 	Does anyone happen to have a for-sale or for-loan CD with that
> file (or better yet, a complete development environment)?
> 	FWIW, I have tried to deal with SGI, but they don't even answer my
> emails.
> Ps. I would also not mind an upgrade to 6.5.x if it were available.
> Feel free to respond off-list.
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