[SunRescue] OT SGI run-time libraries

EricJohnsoneric_j at novia.net EricJohnsoneric_j at novia.net
Sat Sep 30 20:17:40 CDT 2000

Hello all,

	My lovely R5K Indy wants me to write some Java on it, but I am
running Irix 6.2 and am therefore missing a library called
compileres-eoe32 (or something much like it).

	Does anyone happen to have a for-sale or for-loan CD with that
file (or better yet, a complete development environment)?

	FWIW, I have tried to deal with SGI, but they don't even answer my

Ps. I would also not mind an upgrade to 6.5.x if it were available.

Feel free to respond off-list.

-- Eric Johnson
-- eric_j at novia.net

"Smoke me a kipper; I'll be back for breakfast!"

Ace Rimmer

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