[SunRescue] OT: Wyse WinTerm 2300T

EarlBaughearl at baugh.org EarlBaughearl at baugh.org
Sat Sep 30 11:44:15 CDT 2000

I picked up a couple of these at the last computer show here in town, 
not knowing if they were the model that ran Linux. (According to the 
web pages I've found, they don't seem to be, though I'd be glad to be 
proven wrong...)  They're Citrix ICA clients at least (they make 
a pretty nice network available telnet box...) so I'm wondering if
anybody knows where I can get a "reasonably" priced server package
(or an open source one!) The Metaframe stuff on the Citrix site is
way, way too expensive, given that I got these two boxes for $25 each.
See, I'm looking for a cheap way to put up some network nodes around 
the house...it's part of my solution for "putting a PC with every TV" 
and "where ever you might want information". (let's see if the digital 
future is all it's cracked up to be) They're really nice and small, and 
would be very easy to place where I want them (that, and a couple of IR 
keyboards/mice...) Anyway, I need to be able to use them for something more 
than a telnet session...If someone has some other ideas on how I can use 
them, I'd be all ears...


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