[SunRescue] Got a 5 buckeroo 4/150 box today ... what to do with it?

Creaseysammy at oh.verio.com Creaseysammy at oh.verio.com
Fri Sep 29 19:49:56 CDT 2000

On Fri, 29 Sep 2000, BSD Bob the old greybeard BSD freak wrote:

> In this weeks dumpster dive at the MooU surplus pit, I chanced upon an
> orphan 4/160 machine (6 slot case), with some kind of wierd 2/slot
> graphics card.  The CPU is a 501-1514, and the graphics thing is a
> 501-1447.  I did not see a ram card in the box, so my expectation is
> that ram is on the cpu board, maybe.  Is there anything else I should
> look at on this thing, before I try to bring it up?  Is the 4/xxx series
> machine capable of booting from CD, or will it only net/tape boot?

Ok, I've got sitting in my office a rescued 4/260 with a board similar to
this in it...   below is a message I got when asking about it on this
list, as to what the graphics thing is. :)

	-- Robert E. McElwaine

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On Fri, 28 Jul 2000, Creasey wrote:

:bearing labels S/R/G/B.  Barcode identifier says 501138302131 (presumably
:part nr 501-1383?)

This is known as the 'TAAC-1 Application Accelerator' p/n 501-1383 and 
501-1447 (later rev.) It looks to be a graphics co-processor type-card.

It is supposed to show up as /dev/taac0 under SunOS. 

FWIW from the notes in the last FE Handbook for Sun4 parts it says:

1.Do not disassemble the two-board assembly. 
2.The TAAC-1 is not supported with the Sun-2 Color Frame Buffer. 
3.The TAAC-1 is not supported with the CG9 Color Frame Buffer. 
4.Jumpers JB201-JB204 are hardwired for 16K x 4K RAM. 
5.TAAC-1 is not supported under Solaris 2.x (SunOS 5.x). 

These originally shipped with the 2/130 and 2/160 and were also found in
the 4/260/280/360/370/380/390/470/490s

>From what I can gather on various Field notices you'd run your graphics
output from your framebuffer (CG3/CG6, the p/n 501-1447 support CG9s)
through this card and then to your monitor. The field notices I found
explain that when people upgraded monitors and such they needed a new
set of cables (because of the move from BNC->13w3.) 

This is all 'book knowledge'-- has anyone used them hands-on?

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