[SunRescue] Got a 5 buckeroo 4/150 box today ... what to do with it?

BSDBobtheoldgreybeardBSDfreakbobkeys at weedcon1.cropsci.ncsu.edu BSDBobtheoldgreybeardBSDfreakbobkeys at weedcon1.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Fri Sep 29 16:58:16 CDT 2000

>    Yes, the 4/1xx board has 30-pin SIMM slots on the CPU board, for 256K
> or 1M SIMMs.

OK, that one is relatively easy to work with, and will, in fact, run
OpenBSD, out of the box, if it is loaded up on a SS1 or IPX class machine.
I did that by misteak one time and was overjoyed that it ran so well.

The funky graphics board seems to be TAAC-1 application accelerator DFB
board.  Does that mean anything, or is it useful for anything in the
modern era, or only in SunOS 4.1.1 or Solaris 1?

>    Before I fire anything up, I always open it, check out all the jumper
> settings, clean it, seat everything properly, make sure it is complete,
> etc. The upside is that you know that it won't fail, possibly disastrously,
> because a board was half-loose or a power cable was shorted or whatever.
> The downside is that if it doesn't come up, you don't know whether it was
> DOA or whether something you did is making it fail.

Sounds good.  I was thinking of doing just that.  The parts list suggests
that the cpu is a 16M board without FPU.  Is that potentially a gotcha?



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