[SunRescue] Got a 5 buckeroo 4/150 box today ... what to do with it?

jwbirdsa at picarefy.picarefy.com jwbirdsa at picarefy.picarefy.com
Fri Sep 29 16:45:38 CDT 2000

   Yes, the 4/1xx board has 30-pin SIMM slots on the CPU board, for 256K
or 1M SIMMs.

   Before I fire anything up, I always open it, check out all the jumper
settings, clean it, seat everything properly, make sure it is complete,
etc. The upside is that you know that it won't fail, possibly disastrously,
because a board was half-loose or a power cable was shorted or whatever.
The downside is that if it doesn't come up, you don't know whether it was
DOA or whether something you did is making it fail.

   --James B.

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