[SunRescue] SS2 usefulness (waz: 5 major manufacturers?)

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Fri Sep 29 14:50:40 CDT 2000

>SunOS (eep.  never even tried that install.  terrifies me).

   Earlier SunOS installs were a bit grubby, but by 4.1.1 they had put
together a really spiffy installer that leads you through the process
nicely. It still may take a couple rounds of trying things and seeing what
happens to figure out what all the options and messages really mean, but
that's true of almost anything.

>What was the sun2 scsi controller?

   Which one? :) There was the Multibus SCSI/Serial board, and then there's
the Sun-2 SCSI that everybody is more familiar with, on a 6U VME board
usually found in a 9U frame that makes the appropriate connections to P2, a
DD50F, or both. That's the one that isn't supported in *BSD or Linux, even
though a lot of folks would like it to be. IIRC, it's a bunch of custom
ASICs, whereas the Sun-3 SCSI (si) was an NCR chip.
   I don't know whether the Multibus thing is the same as the VME Sun-2
SCSI or something else again, but I don't have docs on either one and
nobody has ever produced a working driver for either, so there's no code to
crib from either.

   --James B.

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