[SunRescue] SS2 usefulness (waz: 5 major manufacturers?)

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> Subject: RE: [SunRescue] SS2 usefulness  (waz: 5 major manufacturers?)
> So what do I do to make the damn thing run faster?

Either run a graphical user interface on the console immediately upon
boot (eg. an X11 server) -- or unplug the framebuffer and keyboard and
connect an RS-232 serial terminal as the console (and of course use a
remote X11 server on some other machine, such as an X-terminal for real

You can probably run the serial console at 19,200 baud (I've run mine as
high as 38,400 baud for testing IIRC), which on a fast enough terminal
will seem infinitely faster than the raster console on the sun itself.

BTW, I would never run an X11 server on the same machine where I run my
programs and store my files.

The only advantage to doing so is when you have a *really* fast machine,
such as a 300MHz P-II or better *and* you have a *really* nice graphics
card and monitor.  Then the advantages of running X11 clients on the
same machine as the X11 server are "high", unless you've got a very fast
(greater than 10mbp/s full duplex) connection to your X11 server, that is.

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