[SunRescue] Fujitsu 2322 SMD Drive

Hatle, Steven J. shatle at vue.com
Fri Sep 29 12:18:01 CDT 2000


Too bad Minnesota and Texas are at opposite ends of the country- I think I'd
like to see your "purge" <grin>


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On Fri, Sep 29, 2000 at 12:24:17PM -0400, Michael Thompson wrote:
> Anyone got a spare HDA for a Fujitsu 2322 SMD disk?
> One of the ones in my 2/120 sounds like a jet engine.
> Michael Thompson
> E-Mail: M_Thompson at IDS.net

I've got a cabinet of SMD drives next to my 3/260 ; will check after I
purge the garage of crap this weekend so I can get to it.


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