[SunRescue] SS2 usefulness (waz: 5 major manufacturers?)

Stou Sandalski tangui at cell2000.net
Fri Sep 29 01:50:58 CDT 2000

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> On September 27, Stou Sandalski wrote:
> > Yea I see your point... is the SS2 fast enough to run those
> services? I have
> > one... and when I first got it, it had SunOS 4.1.1, then I
> killed that and
> > tried to put OpenBSD on it... one thing I noticed was that the SS2 was
> > sooooo slow, surely something must be wrong with it... I mean
> when you type
> > ls it would print out one line at a time like one of them old skool
> > hollywood representations of a military super comptuer.... it would take
> > like 3 - 5 minutes to fill the screen with the directory
> listing... and when
> > it was downloading the OpenBSD files from one of my other
> systems (on a 10BT
> > net), it was like downloading slower then a modem... is this really how
> > these machines run or is it just me? My orignal intent was to make it a
> > telnet server for my friends to play with remotely... but would
> it be fast
> > enough for that?
>   It's definitely just you.  It sounds to me like you're running the
> system in "console mode" which uses ROM routines to [very slowly] draw
> and scroll characters into the framebuffer.  It's slower than pissing
> tar.  But that's ok, because that mode is only intended to be used
> during booting or heavy maintenance.  The bottleneck is in blitting
> the character bitmaps into the framebuffer from the ROM without using
> any of the framebuffer's [possible] acceleration features...it's
> definitely not representative of the performance of the machine as a
> whole.

So what do I do to make the damn thing run faster?


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