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Thu Sep 28 20:12:07 CDT 2000

VLIW is a cool idea, but it requires you to put all your trust in the
compiler.  That's what I understand really really killed the I860.  The
Itanic is a very similar basic design.  We'll see how well it works this

On Thu, 28 Sep 2000 dave at cca.org wrote:

> newell at cei.net writes:
> >>I don't allow PC hardware in my home. (Ok, one exception, there's
> >>a rack-mount 486 sitting near me that has 6 i860s in it. That's
> >i860...wow.  I've got a couple of VME i860 boards, but I never could find
> >an assembler or compiler to play with.  Somewhere on the 'net there's a
> >description of the exposed FPU pipeline.  Pretty scary.
> Very scary. An EE friend of mine designed some boards that used
> them, and he cringes at the name. Allegedly they represent one
> of the worst cases of the chip people not talking to the compiler
> people.
> The i860 is (kinda) a LIW though, and I'm a *huge* VLIW fan. Some
> day I will get myself a TAAC board... I don't want to talk about
> that Multiflow system I almost, but didn't, score. Dammit.
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