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Mark Davies MarkUK at
Thu Sep 28 13:30:05 CDT 2000

Gregory Leblanc wrote:

> On an almost related note, how much difference in speed is there between the
> speed of the SunHelp Indys (RS4600 133) that were available (sweet deal),
> and an Indy equiped with a fast proc, like an R5K 180, or R4600 200?  I'm
> mostly thinking web-browsing speed, and application startup time, as those
> are the ones in biggest need of improvement.
> Assuming that the speed difference isn't huge, where would I need to go to
> find something that will move roughly twice as fast as the above mentioned
> Indy?
>         Greg
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I have 3 INDYs of various spec.

R4 200MHZ  24bit Graphics SC (SC=secondry cachce, 1 meg, makes a lot of
R4 133MHZ   8bit Graphics PC  (Primary Cache,)
R5 150MHZ   8bit Graphics PC

The R4 200Mhz, is by far the fastest, but is closly followed by the R5,
the R4PC drags by in comparison. But I've not got really anything to
check the speed, it just a gut feeling. Also, the different systems are
running different level of OS.

The 200MHZ is running 6.5.7 with most of the apps on board
The R5 is running a default install of 6.5
The R4 PC is runnning Default 6.5 with a load of stuff removed.

I may try and run seti on all 3 to check them out.

BTW if anybody in the UK wants to make a deal on an INDY for a SUN, then
I'm always open to suggestions.

Regards Mark

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