FOT: Re: re SGI (was RE: [SunRescue] 5 major manufacturers?)

RR rr at
Thu Sep 28 05:36:30 CDT 2000

Dave McGuire wrote:
>   An R5K/180 is very zippy...If memory serves, the R4600 was developed
> as a lower-cost version of the R4400/200 is also a nice
> zippy processor.
OK, we're already quite off-topic here, so I'm going to wander just a
litte bit Further Off-Topic:

I got one of the Sunhelp Indys (thanks MikeN) and am now contemplating
an upgrade.  Anyone that knows me wouldn't be surprised at this point!

I've got my eyes on a 24-Bit XL framebuffer (not doing much 3D stuff, so
the XZ would be a waste) and a processor upgrade and was pondering a
175MHz R4400 instead of the more usual R5000 upgrade (again, price and
the pitiful currency exchange rate is a major concern).

My question is:  Is the R4400 going to need a PROM upgrade (currently
rev 8) ???

I'd post this on comp.sys.sgi.hardware, but I trust you all, and I don't
need the resultant SPAM.

Anyway, thanks for listening, and I'll have some computer room piccies
for you all real soon now.



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