[SunRescue] SS2 usefulness (waz: 5 major manufacturers?)

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Wed Sep 27 23:16:29 CDT 2000

On September 27, dave at cca.org wrote:
> You don't really want to do intensive X on an SS2, but mild X, or
> network services, are fine. The only drawback for me, is that
> sbus cards are so expensive used that it's hard to justify as a
> firewall.

  I constantly have the same problem!  Sun made a *lot* of those darned
FSBE/S cards...Industry marketing pressure has most of the world
thinking that anything less than 100mbps ethernet is useless, so why
aren't those 10mbps FSBE/S cards super-cheap now??  It really pisses
me off.  Only now are they becoming remotely affordable; my company
bought hundreds of them for a large project about a year ago, we had
pay upwards of $400/ea for the damned things!

          -Dave McGuire

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