[SunRescue] 5 major manufacturers?

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Wed Sep 27 23:14:05 CDT 2000

On September 27, dave at cca.org wrote:
> SGI had a very specific niche, which is gone. So they're trying

  The high-end graphics niche is gone?  Umm, no.  No matter how much
unused video RAM the taiwanese clone manufacturers put on their VGA
cards, there's simply no reasonable way to build a full-immersion
flight simulator with twelve 26" monitors using a PC clone.  And
Hollywood certainly hasn't lost their woodie for special effects.

  I'm beginning to suspect that Microsoft has planted people on the
world's mailing lists to drop little tidbits of "doomspeak" about
everything that's not a PC running NT.

> to make themselves out to be generic high-end servers, which
> granted, they do well, but that's Sun's home turf these days.

  Sure, that's one thing they're doing, but SGI has been doing generic
high-end servers for a lot longer than Sun has.  They were putting
16-processor 4D machines into computer rooms when Sun was still
selling 4/380s...quite a few years before the first multiprocessor Sun
hit the streets.

  Not that I have anything against Sun or their machines (especially

             -Dave McGuire

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