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Wed Sep 27 16:57:16 CDT 2000

On September 27, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> On an almost related note, how much difference in speed is there between the
> speed of the SunHelp Indys (RS4600 133) that were available (sweet deal),
> and an Indy equiped with a fast proc, like an R5K 180, or R4600 200?  I'm
> mostly thinking web-browsing speed, and application startup time, as those
> are the ones in biggest need of improvement.
> Assuming that the speed difference isn't huge, where would I need to go to
> find something that will move roughly twice as fast as the above mentioned
> Indy?

  An R5K/180 is very zippy...If memory serves, the R4600 was developed
as a lower-cost version of the R4400/200 is also a nice
zippy processor.

  To go upward from there, you'd need to move to an Indigo2 (*NOTHING*
like the crappy original Indigos) which can go all the way to an
R10000/180 and possibly higher.

                -Dave McGuire

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