[SunRescue] 5 major manufacturers?

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Wed Sep 27 15:30:43 CDT 2000

On September 27, Mike Nicewonger wrote:
> >   What's wrong with SGI?  They're churning out O2000s like crazy.
> > 
> Linux.... x86 "PC" workstations.... */sigh*/ <O2K's rock though :)>

  Yeah their suits are forcing them to sell PeeCees...but they still
build and sell real computers.  And as far as I can see not too many
people are buying their overpriced NT boxes.  I wouldn't worry too
much about them.  The notion that "everything that isn't a PC is
dying" is a crock of bull.

       -Dave McGuire

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