[SunRescue] 5 major manufacturers?

Stout Stout
Wed Sep 27 14:43:50 CDT 2000

I'm on a few sun lists, so if I just asked this question.. be gentle with

I have an ultra 5, which I have been asked to make it pretend to be a 3500
(really!, (to which I replied, sure, it will run like a 3500 with one cpu
and 256 megs of ram) and I need to minimize its I/O time.. since they now
come with (&%&^^(*&)(& (insert your own colourfol metaphors here) IDE
drives, this needs to be changed. What I am looking for are recomendations
for scsi and or fiber cards that people KNOW work well in the U5/10's with
personal experience using them being the best. Unfortunetly, this company
may buy it for me, but if it doesnt do the job, Ill just be hung out to dry,
(this group gets somewhat cutthroat near end of fiscal year). the scsi
(differential) card is the most important, and one that is very well
supported by 2.6 or 7 would be best. 


Logan Stout

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