[SunRescue] OT: PC recommendations

koyotekoyote at koyote.cx koyotekoyote at koyote.cx
Wed Sep 27 11:44:00 CDT 2000

> So, anybody have recommendations for what kind of system (new or
> used) I can pick up for around $500?  Last time I built a PC, it
> was a Celeron 300, 128mb, with a Riva TNT (AGP) card; I'd like
> to pick up something as-good-or-better than this if possible.

where do you live? I have parts and such.... even a k6/2 450 to spare.

also- a pc can be a unix box...


> I'm also debating whether to buy a pre-built system, or save 
> money (but gain hassle) by piecing a box together myself off
> pricewatch...

> Thanks.
> Bill
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