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Adam Kropelin akropel1 at rochester.rr.com
Wed Sep 27 07:24:13 CDT 2000

At 08:09 AM 9/27/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Well, if your needs are not too demanding, the $89 PPro 200 systems from
>PCFriends.com in Pittsburgh, PA might be an option. SCSI-based, includes a
>Plextor CD-ROM and drive sleds for the removable HD tray are only $10/ea.
>RAM is cheap, HDs are cheap, and a PPro 200 is a very decent CPU for most
>desktop needs (remember PPro is really a PII core CPU, with cache size/speed

I'll toss my hat in the PPro 200 ring as well. It's the CPU that the world 
overlooked. I have two such systems, one single, one dual, and they run 
like bats out of hell. A big contributor to that fact is that the L2 cache 
is on-die and therefore runs at core speed. PPro 200s generally outperform 
P2-333s and even P2-400s sometimes for that reason. You don't get MMX, but 
who needs that on a real computer anyway? You can regularly find processors 
and motherboards from surplus dealers like Computer Geeks 
(http://www.compgeeks.com) and Computer Surplus Outlet 
(http://www.computersurplusoutlet.com) for next-to-nothing. Beware that the 
CPU will not take a standard Pentium heatsink/fan so you need to buy 
PPro-specific cooling devices. Also, they suck power (about 9A of 5V per 
CPU), so you should have at least a 250W power supply; 300W would be safer.

>Failing that, I am quite fond of the newer low-cost laptops out these days,
>for $1000 - 1400 you can get some *real* nice laptops (w/DVD drives, big
>HDs, decent RAM, and 12-14" screens)...
>Used PCs seem to have *almost* no value these days, keep your eyes open and
>a deal will most likely pop-up.
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>I've finally come to the realization that I *dont* need a
>big-penis-Ultra30 system, or even a UNIX box, on my desk at home
>(therefore, I've sold it to pay off some bills).  All I need at
>home is a machine decent enough for SSH, Netscape, WinAmp, and
>maybe an occasional game or two.  However, I've been "out of the
>loop" of the PC scene for about a year or more...
>So, anybody have recommendations for what kind of system (new or
>used) I can pick up for around $500?  Last time I built a PC, it
>was a Celeron 300, 128mb, with a Riva TNT (AGP) card; I'd like
>to pick up something as-good-or-better than this if possible.
>I'm also debating whether to buy a pre-built system, or save
>money (but gain hassle) by piecing a box together myself off
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