[SunRescue] 5 major manufacturers?

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Wed Sep 27 01:53:56 CDT 2000

To be honest I am a hardware junkie, I just love fooling with he stuff. The
machine I am using depends on what I am trying to do, for example, I play
with some graphics stuff on my SGI Indigo 2, it just has big hairy graphics
balls. when I want to do a ton of things simultaneously I use my Ultra SPARC
box, for simple things like doing e-mail I lay in bed with my PIII laptop
and just get comfy. Other boxes like the Alpha's and the HP PA-RISC machines
have huge ability to leap over numbers with a single wham! They make kick
ass SETI and RC5 crunching boxes as well as bad ass CAD machines. I run my
mail and web server on an SS2, most of the other machines I own are just
sitting around till I get moved into my house I am buying then I will find
productive work for them. Of course we all have our own personal fav's but
the truth is if you wanna get work done, get a real machine with a real CPU
like any of the UNIX boxes from the previously mentioned 5 companies.

Mike N
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> Ohhhh I've heard of AIX, but I thought it was a VMS (or is it VAX? damn I
> keep forgetting which is the OS and which is the platform) like OS... I
> didn't think it was Unixish...
> oh one question... people keep asking me "Why the hell do you need a
> UltraSparc or an Alpha workstation" and I never really answer... because I
> dont know... other then cracking passwords what can these machines do?
> do you guys use your phat systems for?
> Stou
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> > IBM systems run AIX, and you are correct about HPs, they run
> > HP-UX (properly
> > pronounced "h-pucks" :)
> >
> > m
> >
> >
> >
> > Stou Sandalski wrote:
> >
> > > IBM makes unix boxes? What OS do them stuffs run? What bout HP is that
> > > running HP-UX or has my mind made that up in a state of delirium (sp)?
> > >
> > > Stou
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