[SunRescue] Re: OT: PC recommendations

Robert Novak rnovak at indyramp.com
Tue Sep 26 23:22:45 CDT 2000

I thought I heard a "Bill Bradford" say:
> I've finally come to the realization that I *dont* need a 
> big-penis-Ultra30 system, or even a UNIX box, on my desk at home 

I can't argue with you on this, although I'm sure I'll balance out the
karma of your missing UNIX box (did I say 16 machines running at home?).

> (therefore, I've sold it to pay off some bills).  

I may have to start selling some of mine to pay the electric bill! 

> So, anybody have recommendations for what kind of system (new or
> used) I can pick up for around $500?  Last time I built a PC, it
> was a Celeron 300, 128mb, with a Riva TNT (AGP) card; I'd like
> to pick up something as-good-or-better than this if possible.

I've not bought anything from them, but I've heard good things about some
of the stuff IBM Global Financing sells out of their refurb "store"... go
to http://commerce-03.www.ibm.com/ -- if you believe in IBM quality in
their systems, you can get a good starting point there and add whatever
else you need. Their systems all seem to be a bit anemic on memory
(32-64MB) but fairly sturdy and upgradable. They also almost always have
20" (19.1") Trinitron monitors for $280-300. The catch is to get the best
shot at "new" stock, you have to call pretty early in the morning (7am
pacific, I hear). YMMV.

> I'm also debating whether to buy a pre-built system, or save 
> money (but gain hassle) by piecing a box together myself off
> pricewatch...

I still build my own, and I usually have a couple of Pentium Pro 180 or
200 boards and bits around at any time. I've started leaning toward using
my Win98 laptop (P3-600 256MB/9GB) for most of my interactive stuff, but I
still have single and dual ppro systems around in case I need them. Other
than an old Compaq Presario all-in-one MediaGX system I bought for my
mother a few years ago, the Vaio is the first pre-assembled new system
I've bought. Ever. (well, not including work stuff, where we tend to use

I threw a system together for a friend earlier this month, with PPro 200,
64MB memory, 30GB disk, 4meg PCI video, dual ethernet, and fast scsi of
some sort, with everything but the monitor, for around $400. I wouldn't
play quake or doom on it, but for almost everything else, it's not a
shabby system.


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