[SunRescue] re: continuing ss1000 issues

Brian McCloskey checkinmystyle at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 26 14:18:18 CDT 2000

>Also, if the machine comes up on the other CPU boards, you can
>check the messages printed to console during the POST. These
>are very descriptive. If no valid CPUs are found on a board,
>an attempt is made to configure it as RAM only. You can see
>the progress of these attempts on the console.

i've looked at the extended post information, and it doesn't seem to 
acknowledge the board at all. it does not configure it in as memory only. i 
know the memory is good, because it works fine when i install it on one of 
the other boards.

>I had problems with my SS1000E, but it turned out to be just that
>one of the CPU boards wasn't seated properly.

i've re-seated the cpu's, no dice.

>Is it a new machine, or one that has gone bad?

well, its new to me, but certainly not new obviously. its got 3 other boards 
each with the same (sm81) processors, and those all work fine.


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