[SunRescue] OT: PC recommendations

Mike Hebel druaga at pmail.net
Tue Sep 26 14:06:07 CDT 2000

>>I've finally come to the realization that I *dont* need a
>>big-penis-Ultra30 system, or even a UNIX box, on my desk at home
>>(therefore, I've sold it to pay off some bills).

*gasp!*  *Dum, Dum, Dum, Another One Bites the Dust!* ;-)

>>All I need at home is a machine decent enough for SSH, Netscape, WinAmp,
>>maybe an occasional game or two.  However, I've been "out of the
>>loop" of the PC scene for about a year or more...
>>So, anybody have recommendations for what kind of system (new or
>>used) I can pick up for around $500?  Last time I built a PC, it
>>was a Celeron 300, 128mb, with a Riva TNT (AGP) card; I'd like
>>to pick up something as-good-or-better than this if possible.

Gateway seems to have very good deals if you're wanting a complete
out-of-the-box solution.  So does Dell.  Personally I would trust Gateway
support over Dell.  They've been the more responsive of the two.  Believe me
when I tell you that unless you like futzing with your system when you get
home from work then having support available is a Good Thing(tm).  (Even if
you know more than the other guy on the phone. ;-) )  That's also why i
suggest "large" suppliers instead of smaller ones.  You may pay just a hair
more overall but it will be worth it.

>>I'm also debating whether to buy a pre-built system, or save
>>Money (but gain hassle) by piecing a box together myself off

IMHO piecing together a box is definitely the wrong way to go these days.
It kills you in RMA/support time and in initial construction/debugging time.
Due to low financial resources I built all the machines in my house.  Having
spent many an hour after work diagnosing my own machines I will probably
just buy a complete box the next time.

Mike Hebel

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