[SunRescue] re: continuing ss1000 issues

MartinFrostmartin at dsres.com MartinFrostmartin at dsres.com
Tue Sep 26 12:55:17 CDT 2000

Brian McCloskey wrote:

> however, the extended post doesn't see the board or anything on it
> (memory, cpu's sbus cards), and when i replace the boot proms, nothing
> changes. when i remove the cpu's, nothing changes.

> am i correct in assuming i have a bad board? when i move it to another
> slot, same thing.

Sounds like a bad board, but you could try swapping CPUs between
boards: that might give you a better idea. Make sure you keep
track of which ones came from where. The two green LEDs on the
back of each board are on if a working CPU is found in that

Also, if the machine comes up on the other CPU boards, you can
check the messages printed to console during the POST. These
are very descriptive. If no valid CPUs are found on a board,
an attempt is made to configure it as RAM only. You can see
the progress of these attempts on the console.

I had problems with my SS1000E, but it turned out to be just that
one of the CPU boards wasn't seated properly.

Is it a new machine, or one that has gone bad?


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