[SunRescue] re: continuing ss1000 issues

Brian McCloskey checkinmystyle at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 26 12:36:15 CDT 2000

well, before i spend the money to replace the system board, here are the 

when the system powers on, led's 0-7 remain solid amber and this doesn't 
change. led's a and b stay off. the hardware reference has this to say:

            Pattern     Status                          Error
            --------    ------                          -----
            11111111    Resetting                       CPU or PROMs bad

however, the extended post doesn't see the board or anything on it (memory, 
cpu's sbus cards), and when i replace the boot proms, nothing changes. when 
i remove the cpu's, nothing changes.

am i correct in assuming i have a bad board? when i move it to another slot, 
same thing.

any suggestions?

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