[SunRescue] ss5 170 second cpu question

Stout Stout
Mon Sep 25 15:16:36 CDT 2000

Howdy all, a quick question for you.

I have an ss5, with the 170 mhz cpu. 
I am looking to add a second cpu, but have not only no idea what the part
number of the correct cpu woudl be,
but I also dont know which cpu's are supported in the machine as a second

If anyone knows which cpu it would use, I would appreciate this info. 

Also, if anyone has info on where they can be obtained, and how much they
cost, I would appreciate it.


(note, if anyone has one of these they wish to sell, I will not be in a
position to buy for 3 weeks, so a really fast sale would be out.)

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