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[ On Sunday, September 24, 2000 at 15:40:44 (-0400), Tim Harrison wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: [SunRescue] More computer room pics
> We've had incidents like that.  Our little female tabby (real name:
> Breakfast, common name: Widdle) has a thing for chasing mouse cursors,
> and climbing over my SGI Indigo to get to the window.  I tend to frown
> on this behaviour, as we're 25 floors into the sky.

Getting way way way off topic....

After reading that my wife said I'd better tell the story of her other
cat, Info.

Just before I met her she picked up a pair of kittens from a litter at
the humane society.  She called them "Info and Otto, the Bahn cats".
Otto's the calico we still have, and Info was her very bright orange
little brother.  Info was a very curious and very crazy cat though and
basically ran around on the walls and ceiling of her 30'th floor
appartment during every waking moment.  One day when she came home
though Otto was mewing in a rather lonely way and Info was nowhere to be
found.  She had rigged the window so that it couldn't open very much,
but Info had apparently decided to see what was outside anyway and thus
poor little Info became a pancake on the entranceway roof below....  :-(

Floyd, the strange one, was soon acquired to keep Otto company and
they've grown up relatively happily together....

Any time kittens are spoke of around here now the photo album comes out
and stories of Info are told anew.

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